Regardless of style and born out of necessity, denim is considered a part of culture as it has become a pillar of recognition all over the world. Excellently performing within the product’s functionality is one of western Japan’s most prestigious denim makers from Okayama, Japan Blue Jeans. 

Launched almost a decade ago with intentions to promote artisanal craftsmanship and the idea that material is the key factor in determining the quality of jeans, Hiroki Kishimoto set the brand out with the modern consumer in mind. Since then, Japan Blue Jeans has attained such a sharp and stylistic presence within the European and domestic market in Japan especially with their signature naturally cultivated Côte d’Ivoire cotton.

When it comes to putting forth a holistic approach towards craftsmanship, Japan Blue Jeans has positioned itself as a brand to study and learn from. The key to success was quality denim in addition to equal attention to sustainability and principle. Partners include international fabric maker, Collect, known for its selvage denim. 

When needed, Japan Blue Jeans also imports cotton from a variety of countries to be properly utilized in Okayama. Distilling the core of their identity, the brand is involved with every aspect of the denim process. Everything from making cotton selections to spinning, dyeing, and sewing, Japan Blue Jeans has it all covered.

The goal is to be able to offer the Japan Blue Jeans customer a multifaceted range of fabrics, style and fit from a casual point of view. With every stitch and design, Japan Blue Jeans is sticking to the goal.