No outside influences. No scientists involved.

“When it came to the stuff we were putting on our hair, faces, and bodies, we realized we didn’t have much choice beyond complex, potentially harmful products. Worse yet, we felt like we had to compromise clean ingredients to get the look we wanted.”

Jack Henry is committed to clean products from start to finish. That means they care just as much about how their products work for you as they do about their impact on the planet. They have minimal waste during production (pretty much only water for cleanup) and more importantly, they use glass containers that are 100% recyclable. Jack Henry products are crafted to leave a minimal footprint. They’re inspired by the things around us and believe good design enhances your life. Design shouldn’t be noisy. It should be thoughtful and intentional—utilizing only what is necessary. Jack Henry considers good design a virtue.

“At the end of the day we are now judged in a different criteria for credibility, professionalism, creativity, confidence and approachability.  Impressing is out, empowerment and flexibility are in. Men and grooming are having a meeting and grooming seems to be schooling us – and for good reason.”