Since 1932: the best quality “Made in the USA” garments, inspired by and honoring the brand’s rich history.

 “I really care for people to know that everything is made in USA, including the fabric and how much that matters to us.” – Hide Murase, Brand Manager

The History of an American Brand

Velva Sheen was founded in 1932 in Cincinnati, Ohio. An All-American production, the brand was originally the go-to printed shirt for such companies as the Marine Corps, Disney, Yale, Harvard, and, probably – if you were indeed raised in the States – your peewee football jersey.

The 1980’s proved to be difficult times, and the Velva Sheen factory closed. The brand was then rescued by a new owner who brought moved production over from Cincinnati to Los Angeles.

Special To The Season

Nowadays, each seasonal collection starts on a bedrock of Velva Sheen’s classic styles and fabrics. For the Fall Winter 2021 collection, inspiration came from a mix of details from the brand’s vintage archive – but, of course, made to fit modern needs and aesthetics. There is also a Made in Japan collection that was inspired by sportswear from the 80’s.

This season, Velva Sheen is soft releasing a line designed by the team in Japan called Suitable for All. The line is part of the White Label program, which explores less classic silhouettes, explores a more contemporary take on the classic Velva Sheen.

How It’s Made

Velva Sheen is owned and operated by a team who are dedicated to Made in the USA, and who honor the history of the brand and classic American sportswear. T-shirt fabric is made using vintage tubular knitting machines, and sewing machines to recreate vintage details. The team is trained in knowledge and the skills from design to production.