Made in Scotland: an accessories brand with modern sensibilities.

After a never-ending search for that perfect beanie, Le Bonnet founder Matthieu Jansen brought this known item back to its base: a simple, classic beanie, developed in many rich colors by using only natural, biodegradable fibers.

The signature beanie is purposefully designed to to hide any logo, respecting the varied and individual ways of wearing this product. Produced in a factory over 150 years old – one of the oldest factories in the UK – Le Bonnet is produced on traditional machinery which creates beautiful products made for passing down generation to generation. 

Sustainability is a part of Le Bonnet’s core beliefs, in more than just the approach to materials and fabrication.  Le Bonnet creates a pull effect to their product by fulfilling demand as it is needed: products are “never out of stock,” so they never need to go on sale.  Produced in the highest quality, the product is designed to last and contribute to a zero waste future.