MEET THE FOUNDER Tyler Deeb from Misc. Goods Co.

LF: What has been your personal journey with fashion and how has it influenced what you do with your brand and its business?

TD: I’ve always been drawn to making things special and unique. I’ve never been drawn to fashion solely … but as I design accessories and home goods, fashion is a natural connection. So I wouldn’t say my journey is in fashion but in building a business with in that focuses on design. That journey has been enormous. I went from a broke graphic designer to well-funded entrepreneur through a very successful Kickstarter campaign for a re-drawn deck of playing cards. Since then I’ve pushed myself to learn how to design and manufacture products in many different categories and materials.

LF: Tell us about your brand’s origin story. How did you decide it was time to launch your own brand?

TD: Misc. Goods Co. is a lifestyle and product company which started from an unexpected but enormously successful Kickstarter campaign for a newly-drawn and designed deck of playing cards. With this staggering support and new customer base, I focused my energy to design and build new categories of products.

LF: What is the most important thing you’ve learned in driving the success of your business? Also, any unfavorable personal qualities you’ve been able to turn into an asset?

TD: Don’t chase the glory, work hard and be satisfied. Building a business is a long hard road and if you want to have any sort of life that is enjoyable then you need to work on balance. From that balance will come rest and perspective and from that will come creativity and good decision making.

LF: What’s in the way of real change in the industry right now?

TD: The industry in general? I have no idea. For me personally – It’s focus. Taking my skills and making them repeatable and systematic. To work smarter, not harder.

LF: What do you hope to contribute to the space with your platform?

TD: I hope to provide buyers with an opportunity to sell products that are smart, creative and ethically sourced. Products they can feel about owning, selling and supporting. It’s that simple.